John Lynch might skip the Hall of Fame after bruising his face in bicycle accident

49ers General Manager John Lynch met with the media on a conference call rather than in person Tuesday. It seems Lynch was in a bicycling accident and not looking his best.

Lynch went for a ride after finalizing Deebo Samuel‘s contract extension and fell off his bike.

“I had a little biking incident — situation,” Lynch said chuckling, via Jennifer Lee Chan of “Ironically, right after we finished Deebo, (wife) Linda said ‘Time to get some fresh air.’ We went outside and I happened to land on my face. So, I’m a little bruised up and not interested in becoming a meme going forward, so I’m laying low for a little bit.”

For 15 seasons in the NFL, Lynch wore a helmet playing football. He was not wearing a helmet when he fell off his bicycle and regrets that decision.

“Here’s my PSA announcement: I was not (wearing a helmet), and I paid for it,” Lynch said. “I’m scheduled to be in Canton to support a couple of friends — Bryant Young and Tony Boselli. I don’t know. I can wear shades, but I think I’m going to be answering so many questions I might just be better up here in my office.”

The Hall of Famer confirmed his physical injuries are not serious. He just doesn’t look his best right now.

“No broken bones, but broken ego,” Lynch said.